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At 30 weeks doctors become concerned over something found in the ultrasound. This condition could have lead to a blood clot in our daughters lungs and as such, we were set to be induced early. We went in Sunday evening at 36 weeks with high hopes and, what we thought at the time were, realistic […]


March 10, 2021

.: Our Birth Story :.


When I was a paramedic, I struggled with what I was exposed to. I witnessed things no one ever should, and people do things to each other beyond imagination. As much as I loved the job when I started, I eventually started to feel numb, and hopeless, and really questioned if I was making a […]

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November 30, 2020

.: Can A Dress Change the World- Dressember :.


I have never known a life without MS My mother was diagnosed before I was born. I grew up with first hand experience of what the disease took, and what it did. My symptoms started coming in at 15. Getting worse at 18-19. My first lesion was found in an MRI brain scan at 17. I was diagnosed just after my 22nd birthday. My neurologist decided to wait until after my birthday to share the news.

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March 23, 2020

Lesions of Doom: A Brief intro to MS